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— Fiona, Leg Master® Co-Founder

This One Works!

I have purchased other machines in the past, but this one WORKS. I purchased this machine because I was feeling unsteady on my feet and feeling that my legs and knees were not as strong as they had been. I am not old, I am 51.

The first time I used it OMG I did one rep. that's it, pathetic. I then, the next day, managed to do five. I can now do 35, then I catch my breath and do 10. So proud. My legs feel so much stronger and I felt more stable on my feet, You really can’t put a price on that. You notice the difference so quickly within weeks not months.

This machine is fantastic. I do my work out in my kitchen while I am waiting for the kettle to boil, HOW GOOD IS THAT!

Because it is so quick you can easily stick to it. I have managed to lose weight doing nothing else different. GIVE IT A GO
I Would Recommend This Product To Anyone

I was born with Scoliosis and have had problems with my back my whole life. After having 2 children I have had major problems with stability in my lower back, hips, abs and pelvic floor. It got so bad that I had constant pain in my hips and lower back. I saw this and thought that for $150.00 I had to give it a go.

After using this for 2 weeks the constant pain was gone. After 6 weeks I had lost 3 inches off each thigh. I can usually only manage to do 20 reps at a time but i will do this 3-4 times a day. On good days I can get up to 30 reps. At first I used the hand bars but now I tend to only use them when getting on or off the foot platforms. This causes the muscles to work harder, I have found, for even faster results.

I have mine permanently set up in the lounge and have found it’s easy enough to fold up and move when I need to vacuum. It is lovely and solid and it takes a bit of punishment in my home as my 2 children (7 & 9) use it to exercise and also as a play thing (my 7 year old will sit on one of the foot platforms and rock back and forth like he is on a swing, his cars go for rides or get launched from the platforms). My mother (65 years), also gets on it a few times a day when she visits, though she normally manages 15 reps at a time.

I turned 44 a few weeks ago and I would hate to think what sort of state I would be in without the Leg Master in my life. I am now pain free, losing weight and inches off my stomach and thighs. I am gaining muscle-tone and the stability that I lost 10 years ago when I got pregnant with my first child. I am no longer relying on chiropractors and pain medication to get through the day.

I would recommend this product to anyone
and already have to my family and friends. It is well worth the money.
Just buy it, don’t wait
Hi gang, I bought my Leg Master on Fiona's last visit, BEST BUY EVER, I have noticed big changes in my fitness & wellbeing, stacks of energy. I work @ the golden arches. LOL. I work with a lot of young teenagers, they have noticed the amount of new energy I have. My story is when I was younger, I had severe scoliosis, I was very fit, but I had my spine fused 85% of it, lost fitness, the Leg Master has made me strong, energetic & fabulous (I’m a young 49yo). I’ve also have my mum (a young 75yo), who comes to my place for a coffee & is trying the Leg Master for her restless legs
I Can Feel It Working Muscles I Never Knew I Had

This is a little gem!

I will admit to being pretty cocky before this arrived, I walk a lot, have an active job and did the Camino Santiago last year, if walking 700km across Spain was no problem, I was sure I would blast out 100 on the Leg Master straight away. Pride goeth before a great fall.

I struggled to do 20 on my first couple of days. I keep it in the lounge room, folded up and stashed in a corner behind an armchair, then when I get home from work simply pull it out and it's ready to go. I jump on in ad breaks and before you know it, I've worked my way up from struggling to do 20 on the first day to now being able to do 60 at a time. Aiming to be able to do a full ad break by the end of the month.

I can feel it working muscles I never knew I had and have had the muscle soreness one expects the day after a good workout, so I know it's working.

It may just be wishful thinking but I really do think my legs feel stronger already, I have a spring in my step and feel generally better and fitter. I make a point to squeeze the gluteal while on the Leg Master and in just one week I feel like my butt already looks a little better.

Cannot recommend this wonderful device enough, it makes exercise just so convenient, no electrical plugs required, after initial assembly (which was easy and only took 10 mins) there is nothing else to do for set up, easy to store (light and compact) no need for exercise clothing, (I've used it in PJ's and Uggs) and can produce results with minimal commitment. Seriously, just do it in the ad breaks when you're relaxing in your lounge room in the evenings.
I Have Noticed The Difference

I always knew my pelvic floor needed work, but I never realized how weak my pelvic floor was until I started using this machine and felt the results.

Like many others, I started out with very low reps, now have built up to 150 reps a session broken into lots of 25 with 10 seconds in between.

I have noticed the difference in the strength and shape of my legs and the strength in more core, but for me it was always about the pelvic floor. 
If you buy this machine for nothing else, get it for your pelvic floor!
This Is Going To Work!!!

I ordered the Leg Master on the weekend, it arrived yesterday, I assembled it this morning, and I've tried it out!!!

WOW!!! This is going to work!!!

There is no way I could use this machine for a whole minute. I can do 20, but the 'burn' makes it impossible to do any more. I will do another 20 a few times a day, and each day add a couple more repetitions, until I build up to a full minute.

I have no idea how the Presenters do it for an hour - their thighs must be so firm, they could crack walnuts between their thighs!!!

I'm sure my thigh measurements will decrease, as I can really feel my muscles working.

Yes, it's easy to assemble and fold up to put away, but you need two hands to carry it, it's not as light as it's made out to be in the Presentation.

Give this machine a go. It doesn't cost a huge amount to buy, and I'm sure you'll find it works.

Good Luck!!!

It Gets Results!

When I ordered this, I thought I had been duped into buying yet another useless piece of fitness equipment, but I was wrong! It is easy to assemble without any help, easy to move around but most of all it gets results. I measured myself prior to using it and in the first few weeks I lost a couple of centimeters from my thighs, hips and tum. I feel that my core muscles are strengthening. After several lower abdominal operations this area has been my main concern. I will also add that apart from babysitting an active grandchild this has been my only form of exercise. The Leg Master is sturdy and I always feel secure using it. As with other reviewers I can only just manage to complete one minute. I use this machine several times a day.

My Fitness Level Has Improved

lf l could, l'd give it 10 stars. Amazing how fast my body has toned up and my fitness level has improved. l leave it set up in the lounge so whenever l pass l get on for a minute. Can't do longer than that even if l wanted to, as this is a full on total lower body work out. l've lost centimeters, l didn't measure but l can see. But it's the toning up that has taken me by surprise. My stomach is FLAT now, my hips and thighs are smooth and l have curves not jello at the sides. Around the knee, l have muscles and in just 1 month. What she says is true, my butt has lifted and l'm much, much stronger. Warning, do start off slowly and build up or you'll won't be able to walk the next day. This truly works but you have to use it. Even Mr. Couch Potato is getting on and likes it as he is seeing the benefits around his waist.

Amazing results

I bought the Leg Master in early December and I measured myself the day it came. I used it every day and I must admit, that I haven't yet managed to do a full minute on it. I have worked up over three weeks to 40 seconds so I'm slowly getting there. I measured myself after three weeks of using it and I was shocked to discover that I had lost 5 centimeters off my hips, 2.5cms off the top of my legs and 2.5cms off each knee. I couldn't believe it.....I can't even do it for a minute yet. Everyday my legs are looking more and more toned and the Leg Master is so easy to use. I am concentrating now on my core as well as my legs so I make sure I don't lean on the handle.....which is tempting to do when it gets unbearable!!!!! When you don't "lean" on the handle you can really feel it in your stomach as well. This is an amazing product, it is easy to put together when it arrives, it is easy to store, easy to fold up and fold down for use and the results are absolutely amazing. Quick, easy and awesome. I highly recommend this to all!!!!

Very impressive machine

I have only owned my Leg Master a few days now but boy - can I feel it working. You really do feel the different leg muscles working and it really isn't easy to last for the full 60 seconds. Not in the first week anyway. Just like the lady whose husband invented it said during the on air shows - it's harder than it looks. Obviously she has been using it for years so it's a piece of cake for her to use....but that is to be expected whenever you are starting a new exercise routine. So easy to assemble as 99% already done, solid construction and very easy to move around as it is only about 7kg. Love that it doesn't take up much room either. I am very happy with my purchase.


You will definitely feel this working within seconds. This little beauty does it all pelvic floor, core, butt, inner thighs, outer thighs, legs, calf muscles and even the muscles in my feet. This is a must have for everybody especially older folk like myself who have lost muscle strength and feel unstable on their feet at the best of times. I have been using it since it first launched, at first I couldn't do 60 seconds, now I can do more than that. I have my stability back and it is the best feeling. I still feel the tightness of the muscles working and that's a good thing. Highly recommend!

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